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Henry Baumann

Henry Baumann is an artist living in Berlin, who specialises in using materials that seemingly have no value and turning them into something extraordinary. Strawberry boxes and large industrial cable drums are just two of the sources that he has transformed into reclining chairs and tables, recycling these and giving them new life.

For Baumann, taking something apart is as interesting as making something new. Never drawing initial sketches but instead working instinctively, he says: “When I’m trying out these materials and testing them, I often start with an initial idea and it fails. But through this failure something else comes. I’m fascinated by this process.”

His shapes derive from the materials themselves, using their inherent qualities to create a new form. He turns cable drums into a single spiral using just one cut, then gluing and clamping these together into organic shapes; he deconstructs strawberry boxes so that they are just wood panels and nails, shifting these into three- dimensional forms that are reminiscent of ornate North African patterns. For him, refuse is about re-use: “I’m interested in how to find the right purpose and the beauty in discarded matter.”

Baumann has a Bachelor’s degree in Product Design from the Akademie beeldende Kunsten Maastricht, the Netherlands and won his first Recycling Design Award in 2012. He has private clients in Maastricht and commercial clients include Novotel. His work has been exhibited in Vienna, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Watou, Maastricht, Washington, Milan, Berlin, Hamburg, Hasselt, Munich, Eindhoven and Amsterdam, and his objects are in museum collections including Kunstfestival Watou, Belgium and Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig.

Baumann is available for both private and commercial commissions.

Please contact him at:



Bachelor Product design Akademie beeldende Kunsten Maastricht



1st prize award, Recycling Design Award, Marta Herford


2nd price Talentenfoerderer Award, Eindhoven


3nd price, Blooom Award, Art Düsseldorf



"The blue flower" MOVIMENTO´s exhibiton
Lake Como Design Festival, Italie


CASELLI 11-12, Milan, Italie


Corona Culture, Alte Münze, Berlin
Opening Exhibition, bock, Berlin
Design Week Berlin, Berlin


Kiscell Museum,  Budapest, Hungary


Art Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany

Novotel, Paris


5 Jahre KAOS, Berlin


Designersopen 2017, Kraftwerk, Leipzig, Germany

Nachtschicht KAOS, Berlin

Kulturelle-Landpartie 2017, Bühlitz, Germany


Winterausstellung, Kröte, Germany

EUNIQUE, Karlsruhe, German

Habit – Jardin Expo Beaulieu Lausanne, Lusanne, Switzerland

Passagen – Interior design week, Köln, Germany


Transformationen. Konzepte der Umnutzung von Dinge rauch Museum, Freundenberg/Main, Germany

Recycling Designaward 2015, MARTa Herford, Germany

Kunst Tour Maastricht – Open Atelier AINSI, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy


Reuse Retouch Redutch, Dutch Embassy, Washington D.C., US

2. Award winner Foederer Talentenfonds 2014, GLOW Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Recycling Design Award, Vienna Design Week, Austria

Kunstenfestival Watou 2014, Watou, Belgium

Beating around the bush, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Recycling Design Award, Stilwerk, Düsseldorf, Germany

Recycling Design Award, Stilwerk, Berlin

Transformationen – Konzepte der Umnutzung von Dingen, Museum der Dinge, Berlin

Recycling Design Award, Stilwerk, Hamburg

Passagen – Interior Design Week, Köln


Toegepast 18 – It ́s all in the air, Z33, Hasselt, Belgium

Recycling Design Award 2013 (First prize), MARTa Herford, Herford, Germany

Upcycling Festival, Creazi, Hasselt, Belgium

 TALENTE 2013, München, Germany


Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, The Netherland

Inside Design, Amsterdam

Akademie beeldene Kunsten Maastricht, Graduation Show, Maastricht, The Netherlands

Design Destict, Zaandam, The Netherlands



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